HQ LogoThe HealthQuake Summit is a by-invitation-only conference of select business, government, scientific, and professional leaders at the highest levels whose institutions are directly involved in, or indirectly but significantly affected by, seismic shifts occurring and accelerating in the business, policy, and practice of healthcare.

Presenters are world-renowned experts, and they are not fly-in-and-fly-out speakers but full-scale Summit delegates. They first describe present and future advances in “Postmodern Medicine”:

  • Regenerative: From stem cell therapy to tissue and organ engineering
  • Bionic: From Robots to Cyborgs
  • Molecular: From gene therapy to mitochondrial medicine
  • Non-invasive Surgery: From radiology to nanobots
  • Digital: From big-data bioinformatics & health insights technology to telemedicine

They then propose questions about the implications of their topics for moderated group discussion. The questions focus around such issues as:

  • Automation: Autonomous intelligent robots replacing doctors and nurses.
  • Simplification: Medicine becoming so simple that anybody, including patients, can practice it.
  • Globalization: Holography and haptic technologies turning healthcare from local to global.
  • End of Disease: What happens after the inevitable defeat of cancer, diabetes, and other major diseases?

DELEGATES include…

  • World-renowned experts who are making this future happen
  • Leaders of major economic sectors affected, for better or worse, by this future
  • Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT and medical device companies developing the tools of postmodern medicine, from surgical simulators to DNA analyzers
  • Investors in biomedicine and biotechnologies, whose success depends on their ability to predict the future
  • Health policymakers who need to understand the magnitude and direction of the seismic forces acting on healthcare throughout the world today
  • Hospital and other healthcare executives and trustees who need to identify the location of their institutions in relation to the fault lines in order to minimize the impact of tremors on their institutions
  • Physician, nurse, and other profession leaders who need to understand the emerging, profession-changing landscape and their role (or not) in it


The Summit takes place in the exciting, beautiful, and resurgent city of Detroit. A tour of the ultra-advanced Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems Lab, a unit of the Wayne State University School of Medicine’s Michael & Marian Ilitch Department of Surgery, is included as part of the Summit.

2022 Summit Prospectus, Provisional Report, & Video Highlights
2017 and 2019 Final Reports

For more information please contact dellis at this domain (diref.org).

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